Ciao. My name is Simone Trafilerie. I am happy to be in the great United States of America. I emigrated here from my native country Italy. I now reside in Illinois and have been fortunate to have met many wonderful people who have made me feel welcome. I used to work in a family-owned firm in the area of Montecalvo, where my former employer has been famous for producing collector’s items from wood as a primary material. I had a good thing going back there, but when my immigration papers came through, I literally had to uproot myself and make the huge decision to find greener pastures here in Illinois.


I wish to focus on woodworking, as it is something I have been very good at. Back in Italy, we used wood from FSC certified plantations and paints that were formulated in accordance with European standards. I am excited to try my hand this time at the American style of woodworking. I know the US also has world-class materials for my craft and they are all adherent to established standards on social and environmental sustainability. I would like to be able to work my magic on every piece I create, bringing with me that exclusive Italian seal of total quality supplemented with good old American charm. I hope to delight my customers with my creations. Augurami buona fortuna. Wish me luck.


My tool shop construction is currently underway as of now. I have been quite busy researching on power tools and pieces of machinery that will make my workshop what I want it to be: a veritable source of handmade creations with that distinctive Italian flair and unmistakable American touch. I know how consumers in America are particular about quality of craftsmanship and materials and I admit, I am daunted by what I am about to face in the coming years ahead. My family wants me to succeed, and I, more than them, want that to a higher degree. I know it will be a long road ahead, but I have believed long before that it is one worth taking. Ci riusciro. I will succeed, even if it kills me. Hahaha.


I plan to make my way along with you by sharing my experiences through this blog. It will give me a sense of self -awareness and help me know how much I have progressed so I hope you can help me along with your comments and suggestions. They will be much welcome. I promise I won’t bite.


I hope my journey will be as enjoyable for you as I know it will be for me. Help me turn it into a fantastic experience, si? Let us share our woodworking experiences freely with each other so we can make more beautiful things.